PPSC’s curriculum consists of a blend of orientations structured to synthesize theory and technique from the most important works of our analytic forebears, with contemporary and evolving psychoanalytic theory.  We offer three options: a Four-Year Program in Psychoanalysis (P*), a Three-Year Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (PP*), and a License-Qualifying Certificate of Completion Program in Psychoanalysis (LP*).

The coursework is the same for the first three years (6 semesters) of the programs while the personal analysis, control supervision, and clinical requirements differ.  The final year of the LP and 4-Year programs consists of courses that emphasize comparison and synthesis of all major orientations as well as several specialized study courses and electives.

The LP program, which prepares candidates to sit for the Licensing Exam in Psychoanalysis, includes additional coursework in ethics, research, socio-cultural influences and child abuse.  Prerequisite classes in development, assessment, and psychodynamic theory and technique are provided for individuals without previous mental health experience. All courses are 1.5 hours and run 12 weeks in length unless otherwise noted.

*The LP Program provides non-licensed professionals with theoretical and clinical training that prepares them to sit for the NYS License Exam to obtain a New York State License in Psychoanalysis.  The Three- and Four- Year programs may be taken by already-licensed professionals whose scope of practice includes psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

PRE-REQUISITE YEAR (For LP candidates without prior Clinical Training)
Models of the Mind I • Models of the Mind II
Clinical Seminar I • Clinical Seminar II


Evolution of Psychoanalytic Technique I • Evolution of Psychoanalytic Technique II •  Freudian Theory I • Freudian Theory II • Group Supervision I • Group Supervision II • Development & Assessment I • Development & Assessment II


Introduction to Object Relations • Introduction to Modern Psychoanalysis • Group Supervision III • Group Supervision IV • Transference & Countertransference I • Transference & Countertransference II • Development & Assessment III • Development & Assessment IV


Introduction to Self Psychology • Attachment Theory • Introduction to the Relational School • Case Seminar I • Case Seminar II • The Frame • Borderline Personality •  Dreams, Symbols, and Fantasies


Advanced Integrative Colloquium I • Advanced Integrative Colloquium II • Trauma and Dissociative Disorders • Psychodynamics of Addiction • Advanced Psychoanalytic Electives I • Advanced Psychoanalytic Electives II • Gender & Sexuality • Advanced Contemporary Theorists


Research in Psychoanalysis: Case Study and Evaluation Concepts*
Child Abuse **
Socio-cultural Influences†

*This is a 24 clock-hour course that will be offered in blocks throughout the year on select weekend-days.
**This is a 2 clock-hour course that may be taken in person or online by a designated outside provider.
†Content of these courses, linked to specific readings and course units, is embedded in the core curriculum.